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About 6 cups custard or American-style pudding
1 2 oz. Bag (about cup) slivered almonds or chopped pecans
1 10 oz jar raspberry or other jam
cup rum, sherry, brandy or fruit juice, divided
3 to 4 cups fruit, such as raspberries, strawberries (hulled and halved), sliced bananas, and sliced kiwifruit
2 cups heavy cream, whipped or 1 12 oz tub regular or fat-free whipped topping, thawed

Prepare the custard or pudding and set aside. Meanwhile toast the nuts in a heavy frying pan over medium-low heat, stirring frequently, until they begin to color and become fragrant, about 7 minutes. Pour out of the pan and set aside. Prepare the cake, or buy it. Cut cake into slices about inch thick. Stir the jam well, then spread generously on one slice of cake and top with another, making it a sandwich. Cut the sandwich into bite-size pieces. Scatter the piecees across the bottom of a glass bowl. Sprinkle the pieces with half of the liquor or fruit juice. Pour and spoon about a third of the custard or pudding over all. Top with half of the fruit. Then top again with the remaining cake sandwich pieces. Top with another third of the pudding or custard. Arrange and scatter the other half of the fruit across the top. Sprinkle with half the nuts, and top with the remaining third of the pudding/custard. Top finally with the whipped cream and sprinkle remaining nuts and fruit. Refrigerate until serving time.